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Exterior Building Cleaning

Exterior Building Cleaning can greatly improve your building’s aesthetic appeal to customers and clients.  Most recently Hydro Pro Pressure Washing was contracted to clean and rejuvenate the appearance of one of Nashville’s prestigious private Schools Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA).    Hydro Pro was tasked with the exterior building cleaning for some of the key buildings on campus.  As you will see below we took great care to ensure a nice even clean on their brick and limestone buildings.  We use a softwashing technique that allows us to clean effectively and efficiently with very little pressure ensuring no pressure damage to the buildings.

Montgomery Bell Academy Exterior Building Cleaning Before and After Pictures

Exterior Building Cleaning MBA1     Exterior Building Cleaning Nashville TN

As you can see from the photo above on the left there are unsightly black streaks of algae/mildew on the limestone logo for the school with the soft washing technique Hydro Pro uses all the black streaks are no longer visible and the logo looks as it should. 

Building Cleaning in Middle TN     Low pressure limestone cleaning

In the above left photo you can see the awning is dingy and contains cobwebs.  As well as the brick of the building looking fairly dull and almost faded.  The photo on the right was taken after Hydro Pro applied our soft washing techniques and the awning is brighter, all cobwebs have been eliminated, and the brick has been rejuvenated to its former luster making the building look new again.

Commercial Softwashing in TN     Commercial Building Cleaning Specialist

Above photo on the left  is another example of the unsightly black staining on the buildings limestone.  On the above right the after photo showing the deep even clean Hydro Pro accomplished.

If you would like to review more Exterior Building Cleaning Examples and projects that Hydro Pro Pressure has completed in the past or review our extensive photo galleries please Click Here

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Townhouse HOA Cleaning in Nashville TN

At Hydro Pro Pressure Washing we pride ourselves with the most up to date equipment and cleaning methods in our area.  Hydro Pro can tackle any residential cleaning project. Some examples include driveway cleaning and sealing, pool deck cleaning, house washing, condo cleaning, townhouse HOA cleaning, or any other residential cleaning or sealing needs.  With Hydro Pro’s soft-wash technique your home will be cleaned thoroughly without the risk of damage due to high pressure.  At Hydro Pro we use low pressure and proper chemicals to clean your home.  As you can see from the following image you can actually place your hand in the stream of water without injury.

Low Pressure Cleaning

Townhouse Cleaning

More than One Story that’s o.k. too

At Hydro Pro we use low pressure to effectively clean most exterior surfaces.  We are able to provide a consistent clean on multi-level structures safely from the ground as pictured below:

Townhouse Cleaning 2

Hydro Pro provides consistent cleaning no matter what the exterior surface is comprised of whether it is vinyl siding, wood, brick, or stucco.  To view a more comprehensive list of services offered please click here

In the picture below you can see how we clean multiple different surfaces with the same cleaning technique.  Here our technician is transitioning from vinyl to brick exterior; again while providing a flawless consistent cleaning.

Townhouse Cleaning 3 

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Here is a question from a customer who just received our quote for Aggregate Sealing of their driveway.

Can you tell me how often this has to be done? How many years will I get out of this seal?

My response:

A quality aggregate sealing (like this customers) will last an average of 3-5 years. The sun’s Ultraviolet rays are what
breaks down the acrylic in sealers. Areas with more shade will get the 4-5 years. Areas with direct sun most of the day
will get around 3 years. Lesser quality sealers from box stores, for example Lowes or Home Depot, will get 2 years at

most before you will have to reseal. They are “modified” acrylic, which means they are basically diluted for the masses.

Note: There are penetrating sealers that can last 8-10 years(and cost at least 1/3 more).  These are sprayed on the surface
but penetrate deep within.  They do not change the appearance of the surface at all.  No sheen, no color change, nothing.
These are made just to keep water from penetrating deep into the concrete.  This is not the typical sealer you see for
aggregate.  99% of people want that sheen and sparkle.  This is why acrylic sealers (like I quoted this customer) are used.  
Acrylic sealers are “form filming.”  It creates a barrier on top of the aggregate and gives it depth and enhances color.  The
film on top eliminates water intrusion and also helps dirt rinse away much easier than the original rough surface, therefore
your aggregate looks better for longer.

Please let me know if anything is not clear or if you think of anymore questions.  Thank You!

Thank you,

Shaun Gross

Pictured below are a sample before and after Aggregate Sealing examples:

Aggregate Sealing Aggregate Sealing

As you can see from the above photographs Aggregate Sealing can bring life and luster back into your property. If you
would like to view more on Hydro Pro’s Aggregate Sealing and Cleaning please click here to view more examples
and watch a short video on our process.

Hydro Pro offers many Commercial Pressure Washing Services, one of which is exterior cleaning of Silos and Water Towers.  While we also provide residential services, our focus for the last 8 years has been in larger facilities and tall structures requiring expertise in lift work.  Our OSHA approved training and certifications sets us apart from the competition, all while giving you peace of mind.

When most of us think about pressure washing, we think about using really high pressure to blast away dirt and grime.  This may work on a few substrates, but most of the time the surfaces you’re cleaning cannot withstand this high pressure.  We continue to see damage from untrained individuals using pressure washers.  This is where our ongoing training and Softwash techniques comes into play.

Softwashing is the process of pretreating the surface with the proper cleaning agents.  Then we let dwell, possibly brush with a soft bristle brush and follow behind with a safe low pressure rinse, typically 1000 psi or less.  In many instances we are able to rinse with the same pressure you get out of your garden hose.  Knowing the proper soaps, surfactants and degreasers is the key to a proper softwash.  

Commercial Pressure Wash

Pressure WashingSilo Cleaning

Pressure Washing on lift 


Damage Free – Low pressure cleaning

Commercial Pressure Washing  Commercial Cleaning 

House Washing season is here! Now that warm weather is upon us it’s time to look at sprucing up our home’s exterior. Washing the exterior of your home is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase curb appeal and be the envy of the neighborhood.

When you think of House Washing, your may only think about your siding, stucco or brick.  With our Softwash process we’re able to treat all of your home’s exterior, including eaves, soffits, gutter exteriors, columns, windows, frames and more.

Have you heard horror stories about pressure washers damaging siding?  Well we have too!  When we began 11 years ago, it was our goal to become educated on the safest and most effective methods available.   Now we help teach others that there is a SAFE way to clean.  Softwashing is the industry term used to describe a low pressure wash of your home.  This process begins with applying environmentally friendly soaps and surfactants to your home’s exterior.  This pretreatment breaks the surface tension, allowing the contaminants to removed with safe low pressure.  Your final rinse is with fresh water and no more than 800 psi.  This ensures no water gets behind your siding and of course no damage occurs.  All dirt, algae and airborne pollutants are removed, leaving your home looking its best!

To learn more about this service or any of our other Pressure Washing Services, please visit our website or give us a call today for a free quote.  615-498-3248

Before and After


House Washing




Aggregate Sealing and Cleaning

As the owner of Hydro Pro I believe that a company can only have one or two true Specialties.  At Hydro Pro I can say without a doubt Aggregate Sealing and Cleaning is our specialty!   This is one of our most popular and well spoken of Residential service.  We have been thoroughly trained about the concrete as well as the multitude of sealer types available.  If this is a service you are considering, please visit our website to see our videos of exactly how we clean and how we seal.  There you will also see before and after pictures of jobs like the Opryland Hotel.  After the 2010 Flood Hydro Pro was brought in to Clean and Seal over 300,000 sqft of Aggregate walkways inside the hotel and outside.

The pictures below shows a patio we cleaned and sealed for a customer recently.  After a deep cleaning with Hot Water they were amazed to see the decades of dirt that were there. (Yes, over 20 years since cleaned)  They had no idea of the condition below.  They honestly weren’t too happy with the inconsistent gravel mixture in their aggregate patio.  There were many plain white spots where there was no aggregate (small stones).   They were sure they wanted an acrylic sealer that would have a shine but they did not know that there were color options.  We suggested putting down 2 coats of a brown tinted sealer.  This helped to tint the bare white concrete areas and help blend it with the more aggregate areas.  They were thrilled at the outcome.

If you have new or used Concrete or Aggregate we would be glad to come out and talk to you about options for Cleaning with Hot Water and sealing with the appropriate product.

Aggregate SealingBrentwood Aggregate

Pictured below is a before and after Aggregate Sealing we completed at Opryland Hotel in 2010.

Rust Removal

Rust can be an eyesore on practically any surface.  This particular homeowner has owned the home for many years; while their old chimney cap continued to drip iron deposits down the sides leaving unsightly rust stains.  When the chimney cap began to leak they decided it was time to replace it.   After the new cap was installed they knew there would not be anymore rust to come, so they decided to contact Hydro Pro to clean things up.  As you can see by the pictures this was not problem for Hydro Pro.

All rust or orange discoloration is not created equal.  In this case we did have a major rust issue.  Other things that may cause an orange discoloration can be irrigation spreading fertilizer with iron deposits or even battery acid.  No matter the culprit you can be rest assured that there is a cleaning solution.  After many years in the industry and seen many products come and go we have finally found product that can safely eliminate all of these stains.  We are proud to say it is not a harmful acid!  If you have a problem small or large we would be glad to stop by and do a quick demo for you.  Feel free to email or call anytime.

Residential before and after Rust Removal pictured below:

Rust Removal Franklin TNRust Removal Nashville TNRust Removal Brentwood TN

Commercial Business before and after Rust Removal pictured below:

Graffiti Removal in Nashville TN

Hydro Pro provides Graffiti Removal for Commercial or Residential locations in Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin, TN.

Bridgestone Arena

This particular job was on the side of the Bridgestone Arena.  As you can imagine; as soon as it was located management wanted the graffiti removed immediately.  We happen to be cleaning the parking garage in rear of the building that day.  Hydro Pro always has the appropriate cleaners with us and we were able to take care of it on the spot.  With specific Graffiti cleaning products we were able to completely remove everything with a Safe Low Pressure cleaning technique.

Best Practices

With ongoing educational training and research Hydro Pro always has the best cleaners for every type of job.  Many think High Pressure is the solution for everything.  This is far from the truth. First of all the only time Hydro Pro uses high pressure is in combination with Hot Water when cleaning concrete surfaces.  To safely clean most surfaces on a job specific soap and low pressure is the key.  

If there is a project you are attempting and are unsure about feel free to call us for guidance.  Please contact us to get a quote to take care of all your Graffiti Removal needs.

Shaun Gross – Owner

Bridgestone Arena before and after Graffiti Removal pictured below: 

Residential in progress Graffiti Removal pictured below:

Residential Community Graffiti Removal Pictured below:

Graffiti RemovalGraffiti Removal

Welcome to Hydro Pro Pressure Washing’s first blog post!  Our goal here is to continually and frequently add new content that is interesting and informative.   We look forward to sharing with you all the great projects that we complete throughout Nashville and Middle, TN.  Let us begin with a quick company introduction.

My name is Shaun Gross, owner of Hydro Pro.  I started this business in 2007 and have been full steam ahead since.  Like most people do, I started out just myself, a small pressure washer, truck and trailer.  I have been very blessed over the past 5 years and been able to grow considerably every year.  I started off doing mostly simple residential cleaning.  After training each year and some amazing opportunities I now do more Commercial, some of substantial size like Opryland Hotel after the 2010 Flood.

Some business owners like to be the boss in the office, delegate and stay away from the actual work.  Well, I’m not there yet and don’t know if I ever want to be.  I go out on every job with my crew of 1 or 2.  I want every job to exceed the clients expectations, therefore you can always expect to see me if you hire Hydro-Pro.  Every year is business has brought me more enjoyment.  I’m always excited to see what the future holds!


Pictured Below is the evolution of Hydro Pro


First Hydro-Pro vehicle. Still active today.

First trailer

2nd Truck and Enclosed Trailer

Pressure Washing Nashville TN
Current Commercial Pressure Washing trailer

Hydro Pro Current Fleet

As you can see from the above image Hydro Pro has grown significantly in equipment as well as the proper cleaning methods and processes to tackle any project large or small.  We are committed to provide the most efficient and effective resources and processes of cleaning in our area.

Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfection Services