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Here is a question from a customer who just received our quote for Aggregate Sealing of their driveway.

Can you tell me how often this has to be done? How many years will I get out of this seal?

My response:

A quality aggregate sealing (like this customers) will last an average of 3-5 years. The sun’s Ultraviolet rays are what
breaks down the acrylic in sealers. Areas with more shade will get the 4-5 years. Areas with direct sun most of the day
will get around 3 years. Lesser quality sealers from box stores, for example Lowes or Home Depot, will get 2 years at

most before you will have to reseal. They are “modified” acrylic, which means they are basically diluted for the masses.

Note: There are penetrating sealers that can last 8-10 years(and cost at least 1/3 more).  These are sprayed on the surface
but penetrate deep within.  They do not change the appearance of the surface at all.  No sheen, no color change, nothing.
These are made just to keep water from penetrating deep into the concrete.  This is not the typical sealer you see for
aggregate.  99% of people want that sheen and sparkle.  This is why acrylic sealers (like I quoted this customer) are used.  
Acrylic sealers are “form filming.”  It creates a barrier on top of the aggregate and gives it depth and enhances color.  The
film on top eliminates water intrusion and also helps dirt rinse away much easier than the original rough surface, therefore
your aggregate looks better for longer.

Please let me know if anything is not clear or if you think of anymore questions.  Thank You!

Thank you,

Shaun Gross

Pictured below are a sample before and after Aggregate Sealing examples:

Aggregate Sealing Aggregate Sealing

As you can see from the above photographs Aggregate Sealing can bring life and luster back into your property. If you
would like to view more on Hydro Pro’s Aggregate Sealing and Cleaning please click here to view more examples
and watch a short video on our process.

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