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Aggregate Sealing and Cleaning

As the owner of Hydro Pro I believe that a company can only have one or two true Specialties.  At Hydro Pro I can say without a doubt Aggregate Sealing and Cleaning is our specialty!   This is one of our most popular and well spoken of Residential service.  We have been thoroughly trained about the concrete as well as the multitude of sealer types available.  If this is a service you are considering, please visit our website to see our videos of exactly how we clean and how we seal.  There you will also see before and after pictures of jobs like the Opryland Hotel.  After the 2010 Flood Hydro Pro was brought in to Clean and Seal over 300,000 sqft of Aggregate walkways inside the hotel and outside.

The pictures below shows a patio we cleaned and sealed for a customer recently.  After a deep cleaning with Hot Water they were amazed to see the decades of dirt that were there. (Yes, over 20 years since cleaned)  They had no idea of the condition below.  They honestly weren’t too happy with the inconsistent gravel mixture in their aggregate patio.  There were many plain white spots where there was no aggregate (small stones).   They were sure they wanted an acrylic sealer that would have a shine but they did not know that there were color options.  We suggested putting down 2 coats of a brown tinted sealer.  This helped to tint the bare white concrete areas and help blend it with the more aggregate areas.  They were thrilled at the outcome.

If you have new or used Concrete or Aggregate we would be glad to come out and talk to you about options for Cleaning with Hot Water and sealing with the appropriate product.

Aggregate SealingBrentwood Aggregate

Pictured below is a before and after Aggregate Sealing we completed at Opryland Hotel in 2010.

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