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Exterior Building Cleaning can greatly improve your building’s aesthetic appeal to customers and clients.  Most recently Hydro Pro Pressure Washing was contracted to clean and rejuvenate the appearance of one of Nashville’s prestigious private Schools Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA).    Hydro Pro was tasked with the exterior building cleaning for some of the key buildings on campus.  As you will see below we took great care to ensure a nice even clean on their brick and limestone buildings.  We use a softwashing technique that allows us to clean effectively and efficiently with very little pressure ensuring no pressure damage to the buildings.

Montgomery Bell Academy Exterior Building Cleaning Before and After Pictures

Exterior Building Cleaning MBA1     Exterior Building Cleaning Nashville TN

As you can see from the photo above on the left there are unsightly black streaks of algae/mildew on the limestone logo for the school with the soft washing technique Hydro Pro uses all the black streaks are no longer visible and the logo looks as it should. 

Building Cleaning in Middle TN     Low pressure limestone cleaning

In the above left photo you can see the awning is dingy and contains cobwebs.  As well as the brick of the building looking fairly dull and almost faded.  The photo on the right was taken after Hydro Pro applied our soft washing techniques and the awning is brighter, all cobwebs have been eliminated, and the brick has been rejuvenated to its former luster making the building look new again.

Commercial Softwashing in TN     Commercial Building Cleaning Specialist

Above photo on the left  is another example of the unsightly black staining on the buildings limestone.  On the above right the after photo showing the deep even clean Hydro Pro accomplished.

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