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Shaun GrossShaun Gross


“I have spent the majority of my life residing & working in the Nashville area. I received my Eagle Scout Award at age eighteen. There are 12 points to the Scout Law that I have carried with me to this day and are the fundamentals of my life and this business; Trustworthy, Loyal..”

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Commercial Building Cleaning

Keeping your commercial building clean is no small task. At Hydro-Pro we understand this and take extra steps to ensure your commercial building cleaning goes smoothly and on schedule.  As the owner, I promise to be on every Commercial Building Cleaning job from start to finish.  We generally work for owners, contractors or property manager’s.  I understand that you have many things going at once.  It is not your job nor do you have time to be the project manager over every little thing.  This is what I am there for.  As I’m sure you know, when the boss is there, things get done right and they get done with little or no down time.  My goal is to make it a stress free, enjoyable experience for

Quality, Experience & Insurance

Our Commercial Building Cleaning experience covers a wide gamut of materials and structural challenges.  We go through training ever year that has prepared us for all situations encountered to this point.  With knowledgeable hands and $4 Million of Insurance we hope to give you Peace of Mind when hiring us for your next exterior cleaning project – Large or small.

Heights and overwhelming size has never been an issue.  One of our most interesting projects was cleaning the large White Pyramid atop the Adventure Science Center.  It took some creativity but I absolutely loved thinking outside the box.  Our largest project to date would definitely be cleaning the Opryland Hotel after the 2010 Flood.  It was an amazing experience and we still to this day do maintenance cleaning for them.  We have also cleaned many mid rise buildings, multi level warehouses and much, much more.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Include:

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How do you differentiate in Building Cleaning?

  • I am on every commercial job, from start to finish!
  • I attend multiple training and certification classes each year.
  • We can provide water at any location.
  • We have experience with and use lifts of all sizes regularly.
  • We attend OSHA training every year.
  • $4 Million Insured = Your Peace of Mind!

Who Do We Serve?

  • Homeowners
  • Property Managers
  • HOA’s
  • Store Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Commercial & Industrial Sites
  • Contractors

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