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“I have spent the majority of my life residing & working in the Nashville area. I received my Eagle Scout Award at age eighteen. There are 12 points to the Scout Law that I have carried with me to this day and are the fundamentals of my life and this business; Trustworthy, Loyal..”

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Deck-Fence Clean and Stain

Deck Cleaning

(also Fences and other wood structures)

A wood deck in Nashville, Brentwood or Franklin is a beautiful thing when kept clean and protected from the elements. We consider pressure washing a deck an art of precision. Even though a pressure washer is used in the deck cleaning process, very little pressure is used. Too much pressure can Easily damage wood leaving unsightly permanent “Wand Marks.”

There are many different types of wood, each having different characteristics. Some species are much softer and require even more finesse. Along with many types of wood, there are a variety of cleaners and strippers that are used to remove dirt and algae or failing sealers. With so many variables you want to make sure you hire a wood care professional. We have spent a great deal of time on research and special restoration classes so that we can offer our customers the best possible results!  We also have experience in cleaning composite decks (such as Trex).

Deck Sealing/Staining

(also Fences and other wood structures)

Many ask, what is the difference in a stain and a sealer? Majority of outdoor stains are sealers, therefore we consider everything we use to be a sealer. There are three basic kinds of deck sealers; solid, semitransparent and oils.

    1. Solids are like a paint, forming a film on top of the wood and not allowing grain to show through.
    2. Semitransparents allow for some grain to show through and are also film forming. Both of these are available in a wide variety of colors.
    3. Oils penetrate the wood and enhance the wood grain. These have fewer choices for color but are also available in clear. Oils are easier to maintain and keep looking great year after year.


We only use top brands that have been proven to last the longest and have the easiest maintenance. These sealers do cost a little more but it has been proven time after time that it is worth the initial investment.



How is your Wood Restoration different?

  • Safe low pressure
  • Amazing oil sealers with a long track record – Not available in box stores!
  • Only a 2 day process.
  • Penetrating oils allow us to return all your possessions to the deck as soon as we finish.
  • We only need a small window of dry weather. It can rain immediately after we finish without affecting sealer.


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