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“I have spent the majority of my life residing & working in the Nashville area. I received my Eagle Scout Award at age eighteen. There are 12 points to the Scout Law that I have carried with me to this day and are the fundamentals of my life and this business; Trustworthy, Loyal..”

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Graffiti Removal

Our cities of Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin have become some of the most attactive places for people to move. This is great for the most part, but as seen in other cities, along with growth comes more graffiti.

Featured on Nashville’s WKRN News 2
Hydro Pro Pressure Washing Graffiti Removal Read News 2 article and Watch video

Some increases in graffiti are due to added numbers of gangs in large cities, while some is simply too many kids with idle hands and a can of spray paint.

Whatever the case may be, it is our job to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible so these misfits realize that this is not a place that is going to sit back and accept this defacing of our property.

It is very important to stay on top of the removal. Sometimes they will return and tag an area immediately after it is cleaned. Generally after the second removal they realize it is a waste of time for them to paint in this area. Occasionally they may return a 3rd and 4th time but this is very rare.

Please feel free to call anytime. We would be glad to offer you options for keeping your property looking great. If you are able to take pictures and send them to us, we are typically able to have some options and pricing for you within 4 hours.

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What is different with your Graffiti Removal?

  • We keep in stock a variety of proven Graffiti Removal cleaners. One product does not work in every case.
  • No damaging high pressure
  • Hot water cleaning!
  • We can provide water anywhere.

“I have Graffiti.  What are my options?”

  1. Hire a licensed graffiti removal specialist to remove it. This requires eco-friedly cleaners, designed specifically for graffit removal, and the use of a pressure washer with Hot Water.
  2. Remove the graffiti and apply a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating. This coating allows for a much quicker and easier removal if you anticipate gaffiti again.
  3. Paint over the tagged area. Depending on the substructure and size, sometimes it is cheaper and safer to paint over rather than do a removal.


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