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“I have spent the majority of my life residing & working in the Nashville area. I received my Eagle Scout Award at age eighteen. There are 12 points to the Scout Law that I have carried with me to this day and are the fundamentals of my life and this business; Trustworthy, Loyal..”

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House Washing Services

Professional Exterior House Washing is available for homes made of any material; vinyl, brick, stucco and wood. Each material requires a different approach. For example, vinyl and stucco require very low pressure and the appropriate cleaners. High pressure can cause serious damage to surfaces such as these. Below we have a short description of how we will Safely clean your home in Nashville, Brentwood & Franklin.

Vinyl siding & Stucco are two of the most delicate materials we clean. Safely doing so requires a process which professionals refer to as “Softwashing.” This process utilizes cold water and very specific cleaning agents that do all the work rather than high pressure. These detergents are applied at 600-800 psi. As you can see in the video below this is low enough that you can easily put your hand in front of it without causing harm to you, much less anything else. Our cleaning detergents have surfactants and rinse aides just like your dishwasher soaps. This helps your windows clean up nicely along with your siding. Algaecide is another important ingredient that helps to slow the return of the nasty green algae that you are probably, currently plagued with.

Brick is obviously a much harder and durable material than siding. For this reason, when needed, we can use higher pressure and Hot water. Dirt and algae collect here just like anywhere else. The only difference with brick is it being more porous, thus allowing algae to go deeper than just the surface. Just like siding we would first apply a cleaning agent and let dwell. The difference is being able to rinse with more pressure and Hot water. Like cleaning anything at home, hot water does a much better job at removing all contaminants.

Wood Clapboard and Hardy board can be a delicate surface depending on the condition of the wood and the paint. Majority of the time one of the two is not is good condition, therefore we always treat these structures just as vinyl or stucco siding. We take a very low pressure approach for safe, damage free cleaning. Please refer to “Vinyl Siding & Stucco” for details.

Do Not “Pressure” Wash Your House!

See how we will safely “Softwash” your home.


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How is your House Washing different?

  • Safe metered low pressure “Softwashing” Watch our video below.
  • Specialty cleaners with surfactants, rinse aids and algaecides to slow the return of any growth.
  • Commercial equipment allows up to clean up to 3 stories without damaging and unsafe ladders.
  • 2 man crew completes typical house in 1.25 hrs.



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