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Pressure Washing Silos and Water Towers

Hydro Pro offers many Commercial Pressure Washing Services, one of which is exterior cleaning of Silos and Water Towers.  While we also provide residential services, our focus for the last 8 years has been in larger facilities and tall structures requiring expertise in lift work.  Our OSHA approved training and certifications sets us apart from the competition, all while giving you peace of mind.

When most of us think about pressure washing, we think about using really high pressure to blast away dirt and grime.  This may work on a few substrates, but most of the time the surfaces you’re cleaning cannot withstand this high pressure.  We continue to see damage from untrained individuals using pressure washers.  This is where our ongoing training and Softwash techniques comes into play.

Softwashing is the process of pretreating the surface with the proper cleaning agents.  Then we let dwell, possibly brush with a soft bristle brush and follow behind with a safe low pressure rinse, typically 1000 psi or less.  In many instances we are able to rinse with the same pressure you get out of your garden hose.  Knowing the proper soaps, surfactants and degreasers is the key to a proper softwash.  

Commercial Pressure Wash

Pressure WashingSilo Cleaning

Pressure Washing on lift 


Damage Free – Low pressure cleaning

Commercial Pressure Washing  Commercial Cleaning 

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