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Rust Removal

Rust can be an eyesore on practically any surface.  This particular homeowner has owned the home for many years; while their old chimney cap continued to drip iron deposits down the sides leaving unsightly rust stains.  When the chimney cap began to leak they decided it was time to replace it.   After the new cap was installed they knew there would not be anymore rust to come, so they decided to contact Hydro Pro to clean things up.  As you can see by the pictures this was not problem for Hydro Pro.

All rust or orange discoloration is not created equal.  In this case we did have a major rust issue.  Other things that may cause an orange discoloration can be irrigation spreading fertilizer with iron deposits or even battery acid.  No matter the culprit you can be rest assured that there is a cleaning solution.  After many years in the industry and seen many products come and go we have finally found product that can safely eliminate all of these stains.  We are proud to say it is not a harmful acid!  If you have a problem small or large we would be glad to stop by and do a quick demo for you.  Feel free to email or call anytime.

Residential before and after Rust Removal pictured below:

Rust Removal Franklin TNRust Removal Nashville TNRust Removal Brentwood TN

Commercial Business before and after Rust Removal pictured below:

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