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Wastewater Recovery – Water Reclamation – Recapture

Wash Water Recovery is not only a must, It’s The LAW.    This is especially true with our Number 1 service, Commercial Concrete Cleaning.   Our goal at Hydro-Pro is to do the absolute best job cleaning while still abiding by all laws and keeping our water sources pollutant free.  We have thoroughly read The EPA’s guidelines and always keep up to date with our local governments regulations.

Here Are The Laws for those who aren’t quite sure….plus a little history.  In 1948 the Federal Water Pollution Control Act was established.  There was not much enforcement at the time, but this was the basis for what we now know as the Clean Water Act of 1972.  There were many amendments that were widely accepted, therefore standards were set and people began to take notice.   The CWA established pollution control programs as well as set standards for all wastewater.

How does the Clean Water Act of 1972 affect pressure washers?  The laws states that only rain water is allowed into US water ways.  This means that  ONLY stormwater may enter the city storm drain system.  Any oils or chemicals that enter the waterway will eventually affect ou drinking water and all aquatic life in it’s path.  It is our job to help preserve our Country.

What Pressure Washing Companies must do by LAW –  All wastewater/wash water used while pressure washing must either be absorbed into the grass and soil on-site, or it has to be contained and captured, then filtered down for reuse or disposed of  in a drain that goes to the Sanitary Waste Treatment Plant.   Examples of acceptable drains are sinks and toilets.

With all of this in mind, Hydro-Pro has invested in specific equipment designed to vacuum up and filter all wash water.  With industrial size vacuums and holding tanks we are able to stay compliant 100% of the time.  We have a few videos of this equipment in use at Opryland Hotel after the 2010 Flood.  We had to clean majority of the aggregate walkways inside the atriums.

Feel free to fill out our contact form or call anytime with questions on upcoming projects.  Thank You, Shaun Gross – Owner.