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Welcome to Hydro Pro Pressure Washing’s first blog post!  Our goal here is to continually and frequently add new content that is interesting and informative.   We look forward to sharing with you all the great projects that we complete throughout Nashville and Middle, TN.  Let us begin with a quick company introduction.

My name is Shaun Gross, owner of Hydro Pro.  I started this business in 2007 and have been full steam ahead since.  Like most people do, I started out just myself, a small pressure washer, truck and trailer.  I have been very blessed over the past 5 years and been able to grow considerably every year.  I started off doing mostly simple residential cleaning.  After training each year and some amazing opportunities I now do more Commercial, some of substantial size like Opryland Hotel after the 2010 Flood.

Some business owners like to be the boss in the office, delegate and stay away from the actual work.  Well, I’m not there yet and don’t know if I ever want to be.  I go out on every job with my crew of 1 or 2.  I want every job to exceed the clients expectations, therefore you can always expect to see me if you hire Hydro-Pro.  Every year is business has brought me more enjoyment.  I’m always excited to see what the future holds!


Pictured Below is the evolution of Hydro Pro


First Hydro-Pro vehicle. Still active today.

First trailer

2nd Truck and Enclosed Trailer

Pressure Washing Nashville TN
Current Commercial Pressure Washing trailer

Hydro Pro Current Fleet

As you can see from the above image Hydro Pro has grown significantly in equipment as well as the proper cleaning methods and processes to tackle any project large or small.  We are committed to provide the most efficient and effective resources and processes of cleaning in our area.

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